Music MOB Trustees

Music MOB was conceived from seeing the proportion of State school entrants to the Oswestry Youth Music Festival falling each year. Although most local children attend State schools, they comprised of only 32% of entrants in 2020.
With the continued cuts in music education over the past 20 years, a group of us decided to set up a charity to provide instruments and music lessons for children in our local schools, providing the opportunities that we had when we were at school.
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Sue was born in Blackpool and studied piano, cello and singing at school. After graduating from Nottingham University with a degree in Music and French she worked in the music retail business in London for 3 years before doing her PGCE. She worked as a music teacher in state schools in Harrow for 16 years and gained her Masters Degree in Education, before becoming head teacher of an independent secondary school for 7 years. Moving to Shropshire, Sue become a foster carer and set up her own business as a freelance music educator. She is the director of the Oswestry Youth Music Festival and runs her own youth choir. She has 4 children and 6 grandchildren, all of whom are musical, and 2 of them have profound disabilities. Sue is passionate about music education for all and strongly believes that every child should have access to good quality instrumental and vocal tuition.


Paul is a retired GP living near St Martins. He started playing an instrument and singing at school. He now sings Bass with Cantiones, of which he is Chairman. Paul hopes to restart piano playing at some point. He chairs Dolen Cymru Wales Lesotho Link and has an interest in supporting communities in Lesotho. He has also chaired the advisory group for Action on Hearing Loss Cymru.

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Sian has been involved in Communications and Organisation throughout her career, firstly as a Production Manager in television production and then in Alumnae Relations and Marketing for Private Schools. She now organises clinical courses for a Charity based at her local Orthopaedic Hospital. 

Music has always been pivotal in Sian's life starting with the expectation to contribute by playing the piano and singing during traditional Welsh music evenings. A constant life-long pleasure has been singing in choirs, which Sian has done for some 50 years, now with Cantiones in Oswestry. During her state school education, Sian had the opportunity to learn various musical instruments and to play in an orchestra and is now committed to Music MOB's ambition to provide the same for children locally.


Mike was brought up in Manchester, played violin and saxophone in the Rochdale Youth Orchestra, after graduating from Birmingham School of Music (now Royal Birmingham Conservatoire) as a singer, he worked for 14 years as a night club DJ in Manchester. He moved to Oswestry in 2007 where he runs his own shop and Oswestry Ticket Office.

Mike sings Tenor with Cantiones and Gentlemen & Scholars choirs in Oswestry, and is a cantor at the Greek Orthodox Church in Shrewsbury.

After volunteering for the Oswestry Youth Music Festival and seeing the disproportionately low numbers of State school entrants, he initiated the idea of starting a charity to support State educated children to learn an instrument and sing, believing passionately that all children should have the opportunities that he had.