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Many people have generously donated to MusicMOB since we began, and we are so very grateful for every single donation of money or instrument.
In order to continue to provide music tuition to local children we are going to need a regular income from fundraising, donations and grants.

It's not possible to mention everyone who has contributed or donated instruments, but every contribution makes a difference, and we want to extend our enormous thanks to you. You make a difference!

A special thanks to the following for their contributions and help.

  • Oswestry Town Council

  • Mr Peter Cherrington

  • Mr Eddie Edwards

  • Cae Glas Freemasonry Lodge

  • Shropshire Masonic Charities Association

  • Oswestry Borderlands Rotary

  • Mrs Mary Cunnah

  • Mrs Anne Brooke

  • Mrs Annabel Gittins on behalf of the Offa Music Group

  • Mr Paul Myres on behalf of the Catriona Fund

  • Mrs Diana Spain

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