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Performing, Tenor Horns and donations!

It never stops for Music MOB!

Some of our youngsters performed for a hall of members of the local Oswestry U3A to promote the charity, and they had a very warm reception. It's so good for them to have the opportunity to play and sing before an audience.

We've had a wonderful donation from Isleworth Town Primary School of 2 trombones, a cornet, a trumpet, 3 clarinets, 6 flutes, 7 violins and 3 guitars. This is an incredibly generous donation, so thank you very much!

We are increasing our brass teaching in September and the first of our 3 brand new tenor horns has arrived. We already have some trombones ready for 3 new pupils, so in addition to our 3 existing young trumpet and cornet players, we are now building up to our very own brass ensemble!

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